Save the Earth (Digital)

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Save the earth.jpg

Save the Earth (Digital)


A Digital Copy of the 2011 release "Save the Earth"

Please Note: When purchasing a digital product you will be sent an email containing a download link. This link is for download to a MAC or PC. The download link will not function on smartphones. To access the files download the zip file to your computer. Double click the file and it will extract, resulting in a folder of song you can then transfer to iTunes or other media player.
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Track Listing

1. Save the Earth

2. Now is the Time

3. Hail Hail

4. Made New

5. This Great Love

6. More of You

7. The Called

8. Arms Open Wide

9. Hosanna

10. Trust In Your Ways

11. No Matter What

12. You Hold Me Know

13. Thank You For Hearing Me

14. Savior King

15. Glory To God Forever